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Lincoln Trail Hospital

Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System is a 140 bed hospital offering inpatient services for children, adolescents, adults and their families. Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System has a spacious cafeteria, gymnasium, art/activity room, group rooms, classrooms and other areas to create a pleasant atmosphere for patients and their families. Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System's quality services are provided by psychiatrists, addictionologists, licensed therapists, certified alcohol and drug counselors, activity therapists and teachers. Also, care is given by registered nurses 24 hours a day. Since 1986, Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System has been a proven provider in mental health and substance abuse.

Each individual attends school on-site and is led by Certified Teachers serviced by Hardin County Schools.

School Staff:
Wes Blair, Principal
Patty Coakley, School Psychologist
Natalie Reichenbach, School Clerk
Brandi Newton & Amy Menendez, Willows Teachers
Carol Bender & Courtney Langford, Magnolias Teachers

Connie Bee & Demond Thomas, Oaks Teacher

3909 S. Wilson Rd.
Radcliff, KY 40160
(270) 351-9444


Bridges - Adolescent Psychiatric Program

The Adolescent Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Program, Bridges, is provided to help adolescents ages 9– 17, remain safe, reduce symptoms, and improve functioning. Specifically, the purpose is to:

  • Reduce thoughts and behaviors that pose a danger to the adolescent or others
  • Reduce severe symptoms associated with depression, conduct, psychosis and other psychiatric disorders
  • Improve functioning in the adolescent's social settings such as home, school, church, etc


Child Psychiatric Program

Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System offers Footsteps, a specialized program for children ages 6 – 12, who are experiencing severe emotional or behavioral problems. It is an Acute Inpatient Program implemented by a multi-disciplinary treatment team consisting of a board-certified child psychiatrist, a licensed therapist, a registered nurse unit manager, an activities therapist, a dietary consultant and a case coordinator. The unit is staffed by RNs, LPNs and mental health technicians who receive training specific to the emotional, behavioral and developmental needs of children.

The Footsteps include:

  • Thorough multi-disciplinary assessment
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Individual, Family and Group Therapy
  • Physical medical evaluation
  • A variety of expressive therapy modalities
  • Case management and aftercare referrals
  • On-site school-staffed by Certified Teachers through Hardin County Schools

The Footsteps program utilizes a Therapeutic Community approach, Collaborative Problem Solving, "step" work, Cognitive Behavioral & Solution Focused Treatment.


Courage to Change Adolescent Chemical Dependency Program

The Adolescent Chemical Dependency Inpatient Program at Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System is called Courage to Change and provides treatment for adolescents ages 13-17. It is an individualized model with careful attention to meeting youth where they are and providing successful counseling interventions. This helps young people look at themselves, understand what it takes to give up a drug abusing lifestyle, and prepare for success when they commit to change.

The program is a separate treatment modality with separate primary treatment staff. The treatment is individualized and guided by a tailored treatment plan that addresses the emotional needs of the adolescent. The multidisciplinary treatment team is led by an Addictionologist or Psychiatrist and includes a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Case Coordinator, Licensed Therapist, Nurse and Activity Therapist. The adolescent works individually with his/her therapist and CD counselor focusing on their own CD issues.

The Adolescent Chemical Dependency Program is designed for adolescents who require intensive intervention for Chemical Dependency problems.

Components of the program include:

  • The Seven Challenges
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Intensive Family Therapy
  • Activity Therapy
  • Spirituality Counseling
  • Nursing Education  


The Willows Program

The Willows Program is designed to specifically address the unique treatment needs surrounding young girls who have acted out sexually. Treatment is focused on acknowledging the impact of past trauma and unresolved emotional concerns while assisting the young woman in building safe and functional patterns for coping. The Willows Program is equipped to treat youth who have committed sexual offenses related to their reactive behaviors.

The dedicated staff are trained to engage the complex issues affecting young girls and their families. The clinical team includes two Child psychiatrists, a Licensed Therapist certified as an EMDR provider and trained Juvenile Sexual Offender Counselor, a Unit Manager, Mileu Coordinator, Activity Therapist and nursing team with specific training in techniques of Collaborative Problem Solving, Trauma Informed Care and Relapse Prevention.

The program includes: Individual, Group and Family Therapy, Nursing Education, psychiatric care and medication management, Dietary Counseling and Activity Therapy. Also, every child attends school on-site led by Certified Teachers through the Hardin County School System. The program also includes three tracks to accommodate the needs of each child related to age & developmental stage, history of treatments and co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse issues. The Program utilizes evidence-based practices sensitive to age, gender and trauma history, along with a mileu structure to guide the youth through a staged model of treatment.

Some of the treatment goals are:

  • Reintegration into the child's home, schooland social environment with an established safety plan and new skills for forming healthy relationships.
  • Healing within the family systems affected by prior trauma, sexual experiences and neglect and/or abuse.
  • Development of an extensive Relapse Prevention Plan that addresses both self-victimization and harm to others.
  • Mastery of healthy forms of self-expression and personal boundaries.
  • Management of symptoms of psychiatric disorders.

Admission Criteria:

  • Current patterns of self-victimization through sexual acts/relationships.
  • Age of 9 – 17.
  • Full Scale IQ of 70 or above.
  • Potential for harm to self or others.
  • History of self-victimization and/or psychiatric condition requiring treatment.

Length of Program:

The precise length of stay is dependent upon the determination of each child's progress and benefit from treatment. The average length of stay is approximately 3 – 5 months.