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School Bus Safety

Regulations for passing a school buss

Regulations For Pupils Riding School Buses

Waiting for the Bus

  • Be at the bus stop at least five minutes ahead of time.
  • Respect other people's property.
  • Line up and don't push when the bus arrives.
  • Do not stand in the road.

Boarding the Bus

  • Only board the bus you are assigned unless you have written permission from your principal.
  • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before boarding.
  • If crossing the street, wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the bus driver signals you to cross.
  • Use the handrail.
  • Do not wear clothes with drawstrings and carry backpacks with strings dangling.
  • Go quietly to your assigned seat and sit down.
  • Do not stop to talk to the driver or other students.

Riding the Bus

  • Sit Quietly.
  • Change seats only when the bus driver gives you permission.
  • Do not stand in the step well or landing, in front of the emergency door or any place that might block the driver's view.
  • Open window only when the bus driver gives you permission.
  • Keep your arms, legs, and head inside the bus.
  • Do not eat, drink, chew gum, or smoke on the bus.
  • Keep all your items in your lap.
  • Report any damage to the bus to the bus driver when you leave the bus.
  • Do not throw items on or off the bus.
  • Do not do or say anything that might distract the driver's attention.
  • Obey any directions given to you by the bus driver.

Leaving the Bus

  Parents' Responsibilities

  • Wait in your seat until the bus stops.
  • Do not crowd or push.
  • Use the handrail.
  • Do not jump off the steps.
  • Go directly home or into the school.
  • Leave the bus only at your assigned stop unless you have written permission from your principal.
  • When crossing the street, wait for the driver to signal you to cross.
  • Parents should report any misconduct on the school bus to the principal.
  • Parents should encourage students to observe all safety and conduct regulations established for the safe and efficient operation of the school bus.
  • Parents should observe extreme caution when approaching the bus stops, moving buses, or stopped buses.
  • Parents should help supervise large numbers of children at bus stops.
  • Parents should see that their children are at the bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • Parents of pre-school children or person(s) listed on the TA Form, must meet the bus to receive their child.