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Volunteer for Hardin County Schools


Volunteering is a great investment in our future
Thank you for serving as a volunteer at one or more of our schools or departments - giving a student or staff member your precious time and sharing your special talents.  You will bring students new experiences, expand their world of adult friendships and be a positive influence in their lives.


You could be part of several hundred Hardin County Schools’ volunteers who provide countless hours of service to help enrich learning opportunities and make a difference in a student's education.

We welcome all parents, grandparents and community members to be a part of Hardin County Schools’ Volunteer Program. Everyone can make a difference in our community and the future of this Commonwealth and nation.

We sincerely hope that as an HCS Volunteer you find the experience as rewarding for you as it will be for an HCS student. If you have any questions, please contact John Wright, Community Relations Specialist and Volunteer Coordinator.


Volunteer Program Description

Volunteers are persons who do not receive compensation for work in school District programs. Volunteers are encouraged to use their time and effort to support school and District programs. All volunteers shall work only under direct supervision of a District employee.

Volunteers who work on a scheduled and/or continuing basis shall be provided with the same liability insurance coverage as a District employee and shall be provided with a written task description detailing responsibilities and expectations, as well as specific qualifications that may be required.

Kentucky law and Hardin County Board of Education policy defines a volunteer as anyone who has contact with students on a regularly scheduled or continuing basis or has supervisory responsibility for children at a school site or on school-sponsored trips.  The individuals that meet these criteria must complete a background check administered by Hardin County Schools.  HCS sends the volunteer’s information to the Administrative Office of the Courts in Frankfort, Kentucky.  The AOC office runs the background check and sends the information back to the district.  The districts has followed these protocols.

Hardin County Schools asks all volunteers to fill out a background check through our district website ( each school year. 

  • The link can be found under the “Parents” tab on the website and under “Quick Links.”  
  • HCS will send a request for a background check to the Administrative Office of the Courts EVERY FIVE YEARS.  The AOC charges the district a $10 fee for each check administered.  We ask the volunteer to pay for that background check processing fee.
  • We will only ask for a processing fee every five years instead of every year.  We ask for the background check form to be completed each year in order to maintain a clear record of the current school year's volunteers. 

The background check will not be processed until the Superintendent’s office has received $10 for the background check and a copy of the receipt issued by the school. For instance, if an adult who has never volunteered becomes a volunteer in 2022, they will not have to pay for another background check until 2027.  

Using the online form, the volunteer will be asked to choose at what schools they would like to volunteer. However, they are still district volunteers.  Therefore, just because someone did not check a particular school on their form does not mean they cannot volunteer there.

Any paper forms published and formerly used as volunteer background check forms will not be accepted.

Please click the link on the right-hand side of this page to begin the volunteer background check process.  You can remit payment at the HCS Superintendent's Office (located at the Hardin County Board of Education, 65 WA Jenkins Rd., Elizabethtown, KY 42701) or at the school where you plan to volunteer.