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Parent Portal - Obtaining a Parent Portal Account

Obtaining a Parent Portal account:

    **Some schools automatically create a Parent Portal account for their parents.  They will create the username & password and give that to the parent.  For those schools that do not:

  • Go to the Hardin County Schools website, choose SCHOOLS. 
  • Choose the school at which your child is enrolled.  If you have multiple students, you only need to choose one.  (The account is for the parent and any student in that household should display for that one log-in.)
  • The PARENT PORTAL REQUEST FORM is most likely under a PARENTS tab on the school’s website.  If it is not, please contact the school.  Complete the form and SUBMIT online.  You will receive an email from the school with your GUID# (activation key).  This will allow you to log in and create your account.
  • When you receive an e-mail with your access #, go to the HCS webpage, choose PARENTS, then choose PARENT PORTAL (Infinite Campus for Parents).  You will choose “New User?”

screenshot 1


screen shot 2


screenshot 3


  • On the next screen, enter the activation key that was sent to you from your child’s school (you will find that it is easier to copy and paste that activation key as it is 32 digits long).  Next hit SUBMIT.


screenshot 4


  • On the next screen, you will create your own login information.
    • USERNAME:  (create your own login username)
    • PASSWORD:  (create your own password)
    • CONFIRM PASSWORD:  (re-type in the password you just created)
    • SUBMIT


screenshot 5

Congratulations!  You have successfully created your Campus Parent Account.  Click on “Back to login.”

Now you will log in, using the username and password that was created in the previous step. The first time you log in, you will be directed to a page where you will enter your security e-mail (this is the e-mail that you will be notified if you have forgotten your username/password in the future).  Confirm your account security email by typing it in again. Enter Campus Password:  (This is the password that you created in the previous step.)

Here are some common issues:

  • The parent will get an error message that the activation code has already been used and they can not proceed.  This means that at some point a Parent Portal Account has been created for that person … perhaps when the child was much younger. 

FIX: The parent will need to contact the school to get the account reset.  The school will be able to tell the parent the username attached to that account and reset the password.

  • The parent logs in and is unable to see all of their students.

FIX:  Call the school where the student is enrolled and have them check the “household” to make sure there are no duplicate entries.  Sometimes the parent’s name is entered multiple times and one child is “attached” to one entry and the sibling is “attached” to the other entry.  The school can remedy that problem.

  • The parent can’t see the student’s attendance on the Parent Portal.  At this time, the “attendance” portion of the Parent Portal is turned off.  The system allows teachers 14 days to go back and repost attendance because of virtual performance (NCVP) so the attendance reporting is constantly changing.  To avoid unnecessary confusion, this portion is currently disabled.