Junior Awards

  • Congratulations to the Juniors from CHHS who participated in the APES Conference at EC3. 

APES Conference.

Jack Lehman and Gavin Milby scored high enough to qualify for the States APES Conference which will be held in Lexington this summer. 


Congratulations to the following Youth Leadership Hardin County Juniors from Central Hardin: 

  • Isabelle Hobbs
  • Sarah Jiranek
  • Hailey Robbins
  • Kevin Wheeler
  • Hadley Whitsell
  • Mallory Vowels


Congratulations to the following students accepted to the Governor Scholars Program 2019

  • Malissa Bouakham
  • Tiffany Coogle
  • Abigail Graham
  • Isabelle Hobbs
  • Jack Lehman
  • Kevin Wheeler
  • Connor Wilkerson
  • Trinity Love - Alternate


Congratulations to Gavin Milby for acceptance to Kentucky Governor School for the Arts 2019