Senior English Class Presentations

Instead of meeting with Senior English Classes this year, we will post information from those presentations to view at home.


Students may be asked to view these during days they are not in class, then can ask questions from that. This will be used by both in person, and online academy students. 


All Seniors need to fill out the form below

Senior Information Form

This form will be used by the Senior Counselor and Senior Sponsor to communicate with seniors this year. This will include your HCS email, a secondary email, and email addresses for your parents. 


Senior Information Presentation for Class of 2021


Senior Class Meeting Information for Class of 2021


Getting In

This is a publication from KHEAA about planning and paying for Post-Secondary Education in Kentucky.

Getting In Publication from KHEAA (this is a link to the KHEAA official page for Getting In, and includes PDF and Audio of the publication that can be viewed.)


We normally spend a day going over this in class. The presentation has been split into two parts for viewing.


Getting In Presentation for CHHS - Part 1 Planning for College/Kentucky Colleges

Getting In Presentation for CHHS - Part 2  Financial Aid


If you have questions after viewing this, please fill out the following form to contact Mr. Adams

Getting In Questions Form


Additionally, instead of a Financial Aid meeting, our KHEAA representative recorded her presentation with HCEC-TV this year. It can be viewed here:


KHEAA Financial Aid Presentation with Toni Wiley