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Hardin County Schools desires to keep the public informed by providing a list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding the extended school break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This list will be updated as information becomes available.

Q: Are schools closed?

A: Yes.  Schools are closed at the recommendation of Governor Andy Beshear beginning Monday, March 16, 2020 for a minimum of three weeks, including spring break March 30 - April 3, 2020.  We hope school can resume on Monday, April 6, 2020.  That can certainly change and we will communicate that if we have to change that date.

Q: Is Spring Break still the same?

A: Spring Break will remain the week of March 30 - April 3, 2020.  However, we encourage all of our families to practice proper safety precautions outlined by the CDC and state health officials regarding travel and areas with large crowds.  It is best practice that students, staff or families do not travel outside of the country or board a cruise ship.  The district requests that parents/guardians and staff notify their school principal if a child or member of their family goes to a country listed on the CDC’s Level 3 Travel Health Notice list and recently returned to the local communities. Out of an abundance of caution, the district requests that these students and staff wait for a 14-day incubation period (beginning the day of return to the U.S.) to expire before enrolling in school or returning to school.

Q: What about our upcoming field trip?

A: All out of town trips have been postponed (at the minimum) and some may be canceled.  If funds can be reimbursed, the trip will most definitely be canceled.  Other trips that be taken after state testing or during the early summer break may be postponed until then.  But, there are lots of variables there.  It will be best practice for those concerned to contact the trip’s sponsor or head chaperone. 

Q: What about athletics?

A: The KHSAA has placed all school athletics under a dead period at this time.  That information can be found on the KHSAA website. There is to be no team practices and school facilities are not to be used.  No outside groups can use, practice or play in, on or around district facilities. 

Q: Are we going to have to make these days up?

A: Days that are deemed non-traditional instruction days will not have to be made up.  March 16 through March 27, 2020 has been declared as non-traditional instruction days by HCS Superintendent Teresa Morgan.

Q: What is nontraditional instruction (NTI)?

A: Nontraditional instruction is a program that encourages the continuation of academic instruction on days when school would otherwise be canceled. School districts create plans to deliver instruction to every student in the district and provide for student and teacher interaction on NTI days, with the ultimate goal of continuing instruction. The Commissioner of Education can waive up to 10 NTI days to count towards student attendance days in the school districts’ calendars.  Interim Commissioner Kevin Brown said that more could be waived if this emergency calls for appropriate actions. 

Q: How are we going to feed students?

A: Breakfast and lunch meals will be provided free of charge to anyone aged 18 and under at our schools.  Breakfast will be served 7:30 - 9am and lunch will be served 11 am – 1 pm.  If parents have students in multiple schools, they can pick up meals from one school and not have to travel to all of the children’s schools.  We do ask that parents who will pick up meals from the schools, please complete an online form at http://bit.ly/hcsINeedFood.  The Cruisin’ Cafe, our mobile cafeteria, will be at TBA locations in the community.  That information will be posted shortly.  Meals will not be served inside any school.

Q: What if I do not have transportation to take my child to school to pick up breakfast or lunch?

A: Lunches can be delivered by district personnel.  If parents need meals delivered for their children, they should contact their child’s school.

Q: How do we turn in NTI assignments?

A: Assignments are due when students return to school.  It is critically important that students complete the work and complete it with a hard work ethic and they try their very best – just like they would if they were in school. 

Q: We don’t have internet. How does my child to do his or her NTI work?

A: Paper packets can be either picked up from school or delivered to students’ homes if the parent cannot provide transportation to school to pick up the packet.  To ensure the delivery of the packet to the student, please contact the child’s school.

Q: Are we still having graduation, prom, etc.?

A: We have not made a determination on future events past April 6.  We will update families as the situation develops.

Q: What kind of extra cleaning are you doing?

A: We started a deep cleaning regiment when COVID-19 was first diagnosed in Kentucky and we continue to implement that plan.     

Q: Has there been a confirmed case in our county?

A: There has not been a confirmed COVID-19 case in Hardin County. 

Q: What if my student is part of the Early College pathway or the Academy at EC3?  Do they still have class or are they utilizing NTI days.

A: We are following the direction of Elizabethtown Community and Technical College and will take its lead.  We encourage students to be prepared to participate in virtual/electronic learning. 

Q: My student has an Individual Education Plan. How do we still have that meeting?

A: You will need to contact your child’s case manager and schedule a phone appointment. These will not be held in-person.

Q: I am a district employee.  Do I need to report to work?

A: All employees need to report to work on Monday, March 16, 2020.  HCS will share more at that time.  Those plans are still fluid because of changing recommendations from state officials.

Q: What health services will be available through the Cumberland School Nurse Clinics in Hardin County Schools? 

A: Three Healthy Kids Clinics will remain open. The locations of those three will be Rineyville Elementary School, John Hardin and North Hardin. Clinics will be staffed with Nurse Practitioners and a Registered Nurse. The clinics will be open from 8am to 3pm. Walk-ins are welcome. Please call your child’s school or Cumberland Family Medical at 844-435-0900 if you are in need of additional information. 

Q: If my child has medication at the school and it is needed during this break, how can I pick it up from my child’s school? 

A: Staff will be available during normal school hours on Monday, March 16th, for you to come and pick up your child’s medication. If you have extenuating circumstances and cannot make it to the school on Monday, please call your child’s school to make other arrangements. We will work with you to make sure your child gets his/her medication as needed. 

Q: If my child receives Behavioral Health Services through Cumberland, what will be happening with his/her therapy sessions during the school closure? 

A: Each child’s Cumberland Behavioral Health Therapist will be contacting parents/guardians to make arrangements for services to continue.

Q: My child is in preschool. Is there NTI material available for them?

A:  Preschool NTI will include a list of developmentally appropriate activities that will be sent to you by your preschool teacher on Monday, March 16, 2020. 

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