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The Hardin County Schools Work Ethic Certification program started seven years ago as a means to help high school seniors understand that the essential skills like teamwork, cooperation, promptness, etc. were critical to success in the workplace.  The program has evolved, grown and influenced similar programs in school districts across Kentucky and the United States. 

It has now taken another step – the HCS Work Ethic Certification program will take an even more prominent role in elementary schools.

Students in preschool, Kindergarten, first grade and second grade will learn about the process and more about the characteristics that comprise each of Great 8 Standards.  They include:

  • Attendance & Tardiness
  • Personal Responsibility and Accountability
  • Academic Performance
  • Work Habits and Persistence 
  • Punctuality, Preparedness and Organization
  • Respectful Interactions/Communication
  • Cooperation and Teamwork
  • Community Service

Students in third, fourth and fifth grades will receive a more defined curriculum on the standards, practice on each standard and a grade on their report card that will help determine if they have met that standard.  They will also have the opportunity to earn a Work Ethic Certification in each of those three years.

“Work Ethic Certification has played a critical role in our graduates’ employability and marketability for seven years,” HCS Transition Facilitator Lisa Slaven said.  “The elementary program ensures that our students have a full grasp on the Work Ethic Certification Great 8 Standards and that students have plenty of practice in their implementation.  Our middle schools have applied WEC strategies and have had their own program for a few years.  This elementary program creates a strong base so we know students understand the essentials of a successful career.”

Teachers will have a monthly focus standard that will allow students to spend longer amounts of time on each of the Great 8 Standards.  Parents will also see this work and are encouraged to assist their students. 

“We want parents and our community to know about the monthly focus standards,” Slaven added. “We will be asking schools and business partners to share about each month’s standard through social media posts.  When students see that reinforcement of what they are learning at school at home and in the community they will continue to invest themselves in the Great 8 Standards.”

Students will be assessed on each standard and will need to meet benchmarks for each to earn high marks and receive the certification at the end of the year. 

“We realize that work ethic begins at a very young age and the sooner we can instill a work ethic, the stronger we will be as a community,” HCS Superintendent Teresa Morgan said.  “I truly appreciate our staff’s hard work in the continued growth of our Work Ethic Certification program.  Students will build upon the building blocks of the Great 8 Standards just like they do with mathematics, reading and writing.”

More about the program is available by CLICKING HERE.  .

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