Special Education - Online Learning Academy

Last Updated: 8/1/2020 12:39 AM

We understand that schools and special education teachers want to keep the connection to the students from their home schools. Also, as students transition between OLA and in-person classes, having consistent case managers will be necessary to ensure there are no gaps in services and expectations for students.  Therefore, all teachers (OLA and in-person) will maintain their regular caseload from their home school.  OLA SpEd teachers will provide service minutes to students from all schools online.  Case managers will continue to be responsible for scheduling ARCs, sending home progress monitoring, and IEP development.  Service providers (OLA SpEd teachers) will be responsible for providing SDI, collecting progress monitoring, sending progress monitoring to case managers, assisting with the development of present levels, and collecting baseline data.  OLA teachers may participate in ARC meetings for students who are not on their caseloads but are not required to do so.

Special Education students in OLA will continue to receive the continuum of services from full-time general education to home/hospital instruction. Special education teachers teaching in the online format will be expected to follow the IEP services as determined by the ARC.