All You Need to Know about HCS NTI

Last Updated: 10/30/2020 1:30 PM

Several pieces of information can be found on our HCS website about our Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) strategies should we have to go to NTI during the 2020-21 school year.  But, we wanted to put them all in one place for easy access.  Here are some links you might find helpful:


NOTE:  Schools will be sharing their particular NTI plans either on their websites, social media or in notes/letters sent home with students.  

NOTE:  The HCS Online Academy is totally different from NTI.  NTI strategies will be put into place for emergency-related short-term and community health-related long-term use (please see below).  NTI will only be used for students/families who have been going to the school buildings to receive in-person instruction on the hybrid A/B schedule.


NTI Emergency:  “NTI Emergency” days will be used when something happens quickly.  We will utilize “NTI Emergency” on days we have to cancel in-person instruction because of snow, ice, flooding, or some other weather or emergency incident.   

  • The hybrid “A/B” schedule will continue during NTI for students who normally receive in-person instruction during “NTI Emergency” days.  For example, if snow cancels in-person classes on a Tuesday, Group B would participate in NTI that day.  

NTI Announced:  We will use “NTI Announced” days when we know that we must close school to protect the health of our students, staff, families, and community.  We will share that we’ll be utilizing “NTI Announced” no less than two days in advance.  That will give us time to ensure that students who need devices, WiFi hotspots, etc. get what they need.  It also gives our staff time to “switch” to NTI strategies. 

  • “NTI Announced” days will typically take place for an extended amount of time (a week, two weeks, etc.).  All current in-person learning students will participate in NTI five days a week during “NTI Announced.” 

Online Learning Academy students will continue as normal should we have to go to NTI learning for students who normally receive in-person instruction.  


WiFi opportunities are present at every school.  Here are several other sites in our communities where WiFi is available outside of buildings.  

Duvall Park
1198 S. Atcher St.
Colvin Community Center
230 Freedoms Way
Stithton Baptist Church
95 Park Ave.
Franklin Crossroads Baptist Church
4695 Hardinsburg Road
American Legion Park (8am – 8 pm daily)
801 N. Miles St.
Freeman Lake Park (8am – 8 pm daily)
212 Freeman Lake Park Road
The Elizabethtown Nature Park (8a – 8p daily)
1900 Ring Road
Pritchard Community Center (inside and outside)
404 S. Mulberry St.
Kentucky Farm Bureau Sales & Claims offices
2915 Ring Road
Severns Valley Baptist Church
1100 Ring Road
Hardin County Public Library (inside and outside)
100 Jim Owen Drive
Grace Heartland Church
801 Pear Orchard Road
Valley View Baptist Church
(WiFi network:  orb167guest  
password: valleyview)
501 Valley View Dr.
Vine Grove