In-Person A/B Schedule & Online Academy Expectations

Last Updated: 11/4/2020 1:50 PM


A/B Schedule Expectations for Instruction

In-person classes will take place two days a week for each group of students.  These two days will be spent on direct instruction and interactive learning activities.  Teachers will follow the pacing guides provided by the district and meet with small groups to differentiate instruction as needed to meet the needs of each group of students.  Much of the work/assignments (to include practice and refinement of skills) will occur at home during the time they are not at school.  Work/assignments may include written practice, Google Classroom assignments, practice on Reflex Math, lessons within Compass Learning, projects, and group work when age-appropriate.   

Wednesdays in the A/B Schedule will allow our teachers to invite small groups of students to attend school in-person (with transportation provided) or virtually.  Enrichment, intervention, assessments, and in-person tutoring will be provided.  Parents can request parent/teacher conferences, counseling services, and/or ARC meetings on Wednesdays.  Services such as mental health counseling, study skills, speech services, GT Services, and additional KSI support may also occur on these days.  

Elementary and middle school students selected to attend in-person on Wednesday will follow their normal daily schedule in order to maintain class size consistency, social distancing, and organization for the school day.  Students may be asked to receive additional services should they be needed.

When students are not on campus, they will be expected to join a virtual meeting at the time of day that school begins.  This will go into effect on August 31, 2020.  (See school times) These students will then sign off and begin working on their independent assignments.  

Online Academy Expectations for Instruction

Online Academy 6th - 12th grade students will receive instruction during their assigned five-class period day from teachers at their home school.  Families should contact the home school with questions. 

Online Academy Kindergarten - 5th grade will receive instruction on a set schedule provided by their individual teacher. Families should contact Jon Thomas with questions or refer to the OLA parent site

Online Academy preschool students will participate in OLA twice a week.  Those parents should know the details because their students have already been enrolled in a classroom.  If a parent has questions, they are encouraged to contact the preschool office at 270-769-8911. 

OLA blocks will consist of an age-appropriate (see chart below) period of time and students will not be expected to be on screen the entire time.  It is essential that our students have consistent virtual face-to-face interaction with their assigned teacher since these students will not be coming to the building.  When the lesson is complete, students will complete their assignments.   Work/assignments may include written practice, Google Classroom assignments, practice on Reflex Math, lessons within Compass Learning, projects, and group work when age-appropriate.   Teachers will then use this opportunity to meet with students in small groups or individual students to meet the differentiated needs of their students.  

Wednesday instruction for the Online Academy will focus on ensuring students are successful in completing assignments/projects with the required support to include differentiated instruction, enrichment, intervention, assessments, meeting with small groups online, one-on-one meetings with students requesting additional help, virtual speech and GT Services, additional KSI support.  Online Academy students will have the opportunity by invite or request to come into the building for in-person assistance, etc. should their parents so choose.

Grade Level 

Recommended Direct Instruction Time 


5-8 minutes 


8-12 minutes


12-15 minutes


12-15 minutes



Please know we will need support from parents to make both of these learning opportunities a success.  Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher to ask questions or express concerns.  It is critically important that we take advantage of all learning opportunities for our students.