Last Updated: 5/26/2020 5:53 PM

Online Resources to Promote Summer Student Learning

Due to lack of face-to-face instruction over the last quarter of the 2019-20 school year, your child may have missed various grade-level concepts that were not conducive to our Non-Traditional Instructional days.  Below you will find links to various instructional sites that are either used by your child at his/her school or have been evaluated and determined to be effective in promoting learning. 

While we want you and your family to enjoy the summer as much as possible during these difficult times, we hope that you can also find time to have your child log into these sites and fill some of those learning gaps that may exist due to the changes in instructional delivery effected by the pandemic.  For example, to earn their “electronics time” or other privileges on certain days, you may require them to log in and accomplish a skill/complete a task in one of the listed programs, or to read a book for 20 minutes.

If your child has trouble remembering his/her login and password to any of the school-based programs, feel free to contact the teacher/school to get that information.  Also, check your child’s school’s website for any online resources that have been purchased specifically for use by their students. For sites listed below that your child has never used, all have been tested by educators and deemed easy to set up, effective in promoting learning, and safe for use at home.

The sites below are just a few of the many that are available during these difficult times.  Most educational companies have made their products available free of charge for a limited time.  At the bottom is a link to a searchable database of online educational resources that were provided by the educational cooperatives located throughout the state of Kentucky.  They have not been evaluated by Hardin County Schools, but cover a wide range of topics from math, reading, science, and social studies to foreign languages, world religions and other topics.