Faculty and Staff List

Last Updated: 3/4/2021 9:03 PM


Ms. Tanya Jury, Principal

Ms. Hope Janes, Assistant Principal

Ms. Jacinta Pleasant, Assistant Principal

Mr. Steve Butler, Guidance Counselor

Ms. Ashley Frye, Guidance Counselor

Ms. Margie Findley, Library Media Specialist

Mr. Jerren Morning, Youth Services Coordinator


Ms. Missy Bowen, Office Manager

Ms. Melanie Covell, Attendance Clerk

Ms. Magan Hofner, Nurse

Ms. Belinda Robinson, Receptionist


Ms. Dawn Humfleet, PE

Mr. David Lowe, Art

Mr. Josh Mitchell, Band/Music

Ms. Baylee Sims, Science and Agriculture

Mr. Josh White, Careers

Student Support Lab

6th Grade Team

Ms. Amanda Harmon, Social Studies

Mr. James Price, Science

Mr. Ryan Ramsey, Math

Ms. Valerie Richerson, Math

Mr. Chris Sexton, English and Social Studies

Ms. Danielle VIncent, English

7th Grade Team

Mr. Tracy Arflin, Math

Mr. Phillip Fuller, Social Studies

Ms. Melissa Goes, Science

Mr. Jordan Dowell, Math

Ms. Taylor Masters, English



8th Grade Team

Ms. Stephanie Biggs, Science

Ms. Katherine Luckett, Math

Ms. Lisa Owens, Math

Mr. Vasco Perry, English

Ms. Amanda Rowlett, English

Ms. Megan Williams, Social Studies

Exceptional Education

Ms. Jackie Bradley, LBD

Ms. Jessica Coffman, Low Incidence

Ms. Mallory Hodges, LBD

Mr. Trenton Billings, LBD

Ms. Abigail Lentz, Gifted and Talented

Ms. Sheila May, Low Incidence 

Mr. Tyler Morrow, PASS

Ms. Renee Nettles, LBD

Mr. Barry Simpson, LBD

Ms. Kathy Clayton, Instructional Assistant

Ms. Maria Hayes, Instructional Assistant

Mr. Sammy Smith, Instructional Assistant


Ms. Tammy Mouser, Math

Ms. Lydia Rakes, Math

Ms. Elizabeth Smith, English

Cafeteria Staff

Ms. Laura Haycraft, Cafeteria Manager


Custodial Staff

Mr. David Gray

Mr. James Mouser, Head Custodian

Mr. Andy Wade

Mr. Matt McMillen, School Resource Officer