Student of the Month


September 2017
Zack Foust Kiara Tucker Jericho Payne Yasmine Nelson
October 2017
Aydrienne Ray
"Aydrienne is a great student. She is well-mannered and polite in her interactions. She is on time, does her work well and is pleasant." Hugh Stevenson
"Hugh is an exemplary student. He is on time, attends to his assignments, and is a well-mannered and polite. He completes and turns in work that is complete and quality." Jacob Owens Shelbea Cox Jamal Smith
"Jamal is hilarious, respectful and responsible. Keep it up!" Jamie Bledsaw
"Jamie is responsible and hardworking. You rock!"
November 2017
Nickolas Blakeman Shannon McGlone Rachel Hawkins "Rachel is a great leader, friendly, polite, and smart. Way to go!" Kamilla Saprissa "Kamilla is very respectful, responsible and mature student. Keep up the awesome work!"
December 2017
Ethan Rogers, 6th Grade 
Ethan is a great student. He is respectful, responsible and safe! He has good attendance and a good work ethic! Ava Fergerson, 6th Grade Malique Miller, 7th Grade Shideezhi McDarment, 7th Grade Elizabeth Chism, 8th Grade 
Elizabeth is a sweet and kind student. She is also a great writer! Keep it up! Lucas Beebe, 8th Grade 
Lucas always works hard, has a great sense of humor and is very mature! Great work!
January 2018
6th Grade: Catherine Updegraff 6th Grade: Ty Newby 7th Grade: Deshon Otey 7th Grade: Ashley Colegrove 8th Grade: Mackenzie Miller Mackenzie is always prepared and works very hard! You are a great student. Keep it up! 8th Grade: Karson Hilton
Karson is always very respectful and mature. Thanks for all the hard work.