Human Resources


The department exists to assist you in applying for a position, completing employment requirements, and meeting your personal needs. Our staff is responsible for applications, records management, employee benefits, workers' compensation, retirement systems, hiring and severance procedures, and many other services. Chief Operations Officer John Stith is in charge of HCS Human Resources. 

Director of Human Resources Mike Lawson works to:

  • Recruit talented employees
  • Assist with employee relations
  • Handle certified employee issues
  • Coordinate the district's KTIP program 
  • Assemble the HCS Lead Report

Director of Employment LaToya Alston works with:

  • Retirement for classified employees
  • Employee relations with classified employees
  • Salaries
  • Extended days
  • Accruals
  • Classified employee disability
  • Leaves of absence
  • The district employee sick bank

Director of Benefits Wanda Ballard works to: 

  • Aid in workers' compensation Issues
  • Coordinate risk management
  • Coordinate employee benefits & optional benefits
  • Coordinate life insurance information
  • Answer questions regarding the Family Medical Leave Act

Benefits Specialist Angela McNew works to:

  • Assist with employee benefits & optional benefits
  • Assist with life insurance information
  • Employee leaves of absence

Employment Specialist Lisa Stevenson handles:

  • Certified & Classified personnel questions
  • Certification questions
  • Certified employee in-processing

Employment Specialist Stephanie Partlo handles:

  • Certified & Classified personnel questions
  • Certification questions
  • Certified employee in-processing

Substitute Coordinator Rachelle Walsh:

  • Assists substitute teachers/substitute instructional assistants
  • Helps office managers with assignments and payroll questions

Personnel Secretary Kaye Reynolds:

  • Assists office managers/supervisors with monthly payroll
  • Coordinates TalentED recruit and hire
  • Assists with human resources needs

Central Office Receptionist Alicia Pollock:

  • Assists guests and employees when they call or visit