Welcome, itís time to meet the teacher.

Hello, my name is Jeanine Kispert, this is my 7th year teaching 2nd grade at Woodland Elementary with a masterís degree is in Curriculum and Instruction. I am a retired military spouse of 21 years, with two wonderful sons.

It is my pleasure to be your childís teacher this school year. My goal is to teach your child everything necessary to be an intelligent, kind, respectful, independent, and self-sufficient 2nd grade student. It is my philosophy that every child is capable of achieving each of these things at this age. To ensure the success of your child, I will need your assistance in teaching the importance of these qualities at home as well.

I promise to love and nurture your child and help them achieve and be successful productive members of a second grade team. With that being said, I believe a team is a group that works together to achieve success. I will contact you with concerns that I have, and I expect the same consideration from you. If you have questions or any concerns, I ask that you please contact me directly here at school to resolve any questions that you may have. It is really important for the children to realize that we are a team that is here to assist them with all their learning needs and even if we disagree about something we can respectfully come to a decision that meets the best needs of your child. I am sure you have heard the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child, with us working as a cohesive team I can assure you we can create a village that will ensure the safety and success of your child. 




Jeanine Kispert